The all in one solution for
with just 3 pipes !


TripleAqua Efficiency

TripleAqua is probably the most efficient and innovative heat pump system for commercial buildings in the market. It is the latest step in the evolution of heat pump and chiller technology. Live field data has shown that more than double the efficiency has been achieved, compared to similar products and technology. TripleAqua brings you lowest energy consumption, with natural refrigerant, water and internal thermal storage. No other product offers these benefits. Thanks to the 3 pipe concept, 25% of savings in installation are guaranteed. While water flows through the pipes of an ordinary heating system at a temperature of 45 to more than 70°C , TripleAqua can heat each room sufficiently with water temperatures ranging between 28 and 35°C. A low water temperature between 12 and 16°C is sufficient for cooling. Once all energy is fully released, the hot and cold water is always brought back to the building temperature via a third pipe. Consequently, only three pipes are required instead of four….

Did you know that Heating and Cooling of Buildings….. is the highest source (33%) of CO2 Emission ?

Triple Aqua can bring this down to ZERO emission !

The HVAC-market needs sustainable solutions !

Energy-Zero:NEW PRODUCTS !
HFC = “under fire”Cars, retail & industrial markets go for natural refrigerants 79% ‘phase out/down’ HFC policy & taxes
SEER / SCOP must go upHydraulics + storage perform better than VRF
Comfort increase:Less noise, unnoticeable and modulating operation

Unique Selling Points

  • NEW : 3 non refrigerant water pipes and a heat pump
  • More simple design of the heat pump unit , now with 3 heat exchangers
  • Design for water at lukewarm temperatures & natural refrigerant
  • Both heat and cold generation are applied – not wasted
  • Internal storage of excessive hot & cold energy for later benefit
  • Passive heating / cooling if compressor is off
  • CHARGE buffers if electricity price is low (@ night)
  • Unlimited in size & distance

Key Merits of the TripleAqua system

Central Air to Water Heat PumpOne unit providing the full thermal needs
Double PCM Energy StorageCooling means save on heating vice versa
3- Pipe water systemSaving 25% installation costs
Highest efficient Indoor unitsRooms Ultimate heat exchange air/water
Propane or CO2 NATURAL RefrigerantFuture safe, green, no F gas, no high GWP
No 4 way valve24/7/365: always counterflow = top efficient
No hydraulic commissioningSave greatly on time, errors and money